Tuesday, 12 April 2011



Oceanic Flight 815 crashes from an excursion set out from America to Sydney and crashes on a wierd, suspicious, unforeseen Island. There are only a few survivors from the crash, one of which is Doctor Jack Shepard who takes a leading role in keeping everyone alive, as they soon grasp the fact that they're not on the Island alone. There are many lead roll characters such as Sawyer (an Ex Conman), Sayid (an Ex Republican Guard), Desmond (an ex Scotish Guard) and Hurley (a Millionaire).

There are many themes throughout the show which always keep you at the edge of your seats, but all which emphasise the fact that this it's no normal Island. Miracals happen, people go missing and people see people they thought were dead. Spookey!


5 Star

Written by James Stratton

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